My Life Would Suck Without You!

What a song title, right?  It’s become one of my current faves.

Things I have been up to lately:

– D & I went on a trip to Disneyland for his 6th birthday with our BFFs, Shana the Beautiful and Jacob.

– Totally missing the smell of salty air and eucalyptus trees, enough to make me teary just thinking about it!

– Read “Such A Pretty Fat:  One Narcissist’s Quest to Discover if Her Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, Or Why Pie Is Not the Answer” by Jen Lancaster.  Freaking hysterical and I swear we could be twins!

– Cussing out the feral cats of the neighborhood as they have peed all over my sunflower forest causing it not to germinate.  Also my carrots and beans and squash and tomatoes.  Damn cats.

– Getting ready for my next trip to Disneyland with B for his 10th birthday.  Sweeeet!  More Space Mountain!  Tower of Terror to try out!  Another trip to Compass Books (which is my most favorite book store in the universe)!

Things I am wondering about:

– When will it get warmer so I can swim?

– When will my kids stop throwing crap in the pool that doesn’t belong there?

– How much can I cram into the summer before I have to get back to business?  I’m seriously wondering about school.  I like school.  I love school.  I like the people I’ve met and I like feeling smart again.  It’s kind of getting in the way of other stuff I want to do though, and thus the dilemma… If I take a semester off I worry I will lack the momentum to go back.  If I stay in school should I take more classes because D will be in school all day now and I can, or should I only take one class so I have room for other stuff in my life?  What if I just take one class and it turns out I need more for my brain to do?  AAAH!!  My head is going to explode!!!

– I want a new kitchen faucet.  Mine is ugly and I would not have picked it.  If I get a new kitchen faucet now, will I have to replace it when I get a new kitchen sink later?

– If I love eggs so much, how come the smell of them cooking makes me want to spew?

– Am I ever going to find a babysitter I like before the boys are too old to have a babysitter?  What happens when the oldest does not need a babysitter but the other two do?  When will I not worry that I will come home to one or more dead children because I left them alone even though they are all old enough to take care of themselves but not old enough to leave each other alone???

– Who is going to win Idol this year???  I love Megan Joy, and I love Adam Lambert, but he is starting to creep me out.  But he is also a frickin’ awesome rocker.  A. MAZE. ING!  Decisions, decisions….

Ok, I gotta run.  I really should be doing homework and getting ready for our company tonight.  Ugh… where’s the maid when I need her???


4 thoughts on “My Life Would Suck Without You!

  1. I’m with the Wiz. Get the faucet and keep it when you get the new sink. Awww AI! I like Danny the most. He’s cute and I like the whole church music minister thing. Good luck on the school thing…I dunno.

  2. My life would suck without you, too. I miss you! When are we going tidepooling? Huh? huh?

    Tell Chelsea it is time to start kicking some kittycat a$$. Woof!

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