Hi Strangers

Wow, I think this is the longest I’ve gone, EVER, between blog posts!

Life has been more than kind of crazy and surreal lately.  I should not be up just now, I have class in the early a.m. which means I need to be up earlier to shower & pretend like I’m helping everyone get ready for school/work.  But you know, crazy, so here I am.

When I first started writing my blog it was a vehicle I needed for a certain purpose.  As time went on, that purpose changed and recently it has changed again.  I used to be online a lot.  And by a lot I mean almost every waking moment that I wasn’t on the phone or stuffing my face or watching t.v. at my house or someone else’s.  And then one day a couple of weeks ago the little hamster in my head decided to take a break.  And I didn’t blog and the facebook activity has pretty well come to a screeching halt.  No more dot games, I don’t care if my farm rots in the ground, and I am no longer the Queen of Word Twist amongst a certain group of players (which gave me the hugest. ego. boost. EVER! because they are the smart and cool kids from high school that are still smart and cool).

The remote control is no longer fused to my hand, and now that we’re on the 700 minute plan the cell phone has fallen away from my ear and into the bottom of my purse where I probably won’t hear it ring.

I very much miss supporting and being supported by old friends and acquaintances, but I hope to find new and other ways of doing that that don’t depend so much on me missing what’s going on outside this little space where my “office” is.  And by office I mean craft room.  And by craft room I mean where I keep my crap for the business that I am going to start, I just haven’t let go of that last rung of  the “this is how my day goes” ladder.  You know, the one where you climb and climb and climb and never seem to get anywhere?  Yeah, that’s the one.

So although I know I tend to unclutter my favorites folder and delete blogs that I used to love but the writer never ever posts anymore, I hope you won’t do the same to me.  Because I’ll still be here, just not the same way.  And you know, just because I like to switch things up and make life difficult I might have a new web address – because that’s how I roll.


5 thoughts on “Hi Strangers

  1. I love your blog and will never delete it!!! I’m in a rut too, but I’ll get back when I return to AR.
    I hope that the internet world has been replaced by wonderful things for you!

  2. I miss ya Sally! 🙂 I’m jealous of your craft room! Maybe I’ll turn Clinton’s room into one when he leaves for college. But then I’d have to go upstairs. And I just don’t think I can do that. Isn’t it pitiful?

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