So, two people who felt strongly enough to comment with eloquence but not enough to own their comments by leaving their actual names (that’s right, I’m calling you out), are none too happy with my last post!

This will probably give them cause to add ‘naieve’ to the list of names they called me but I have some questions and things I would like to respond with.

– Ok.  You think I’m a bigot or racist or whatever, but you felt it was ok to say that all Mormons are like that in the same breath?  I’m smelling a little hypocrisy here…

– After re-reading my post, I admit that what I said did not come out the way I meant to say it.  I have a problem with connecting my thoughts to the correct words.

– Exactly what is it that I said that was hateful?  I mean, I get that what I said was not exactly something I’d put on my MENSA application, but it’s not as though I were singing the praises of Hitler or the Klan, either.

– Seriously???

The thing I love best about people is that they remember to remove the beam before ripping out my mote.


3 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. There are several things about America that I love and one of my favorites is The Right to Free Speech. Hey, I work in the media so it’s close to my heart.
    Unfortunately, we have to listen to all kinds of free speech…including those thoughts and opinions of your two admirers.
    What I find horribly sad is that they didn’t own up to their words and hid behind them. They are cowards unable to let all of us see who they really are by linking us to their blogs. Scared that we will judge you?
    A good quote we use at the tv station: “Opinions are like arm pits. Everyone has two and some of them stink”.

  2. Let me clarify my sentiments as well. As most of us know, I am in a biracial marriage. I have also lived in a country that was predominanly black. No, they weren’t African Americans. They were not American’s at all and they did not consider themselves from Africa. When asked his race, my husband responds Colomian. I have a hard time seeing the problem with identifying culture. I don’t think that everyone should be classified into one big group. We are ALL different and should love that we are unique. I still don’t have a problem with that. As far as respect goes, I think that everyone needs to be treated with respect.

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