Much More Than All Kinds Of Wrong

My kids have discovered ‘Tom & Jerry‘ on the Cartoon Network.  It’s fabulous.  All kinds of cartoon violence and inappropriateness… I love it!

What I don’t love, is that when the housekeeper character is on, they’ve changed her voice so it’s less…. black.  Black, ok?  There, I said it.  I know it’s a stereotype, I don’t think it’s wrong, I think that’s an accurate portrayal of that character for the time period.  Just like ‘Song of the South‘.

I’m anti-PC, but I’m not anti-tact.  The PC Police have ruined Tom & Jerry, Speedy Gonzalez & Song of the South, and until the ACLU starts standing up for my rights I will continue to use adjectives like “black”, “Mexican”, “chick”, and “pigs” when appropriate.  Not all in the same sentence, of course.

‘I smell bacon,

I smell grease.

Don’t worry honey,

It’s the (insert name of your town here) Police!’


8 thoughts on “Much More Than All Kinds Of Wrong

  1. That is way too funny about the cops! My parents are cops and so for birthday/Christmas/any gift giving occasion I give something that has a pig on it. A few years ago, I actually talked a waitress at the Waffle House to give me her “License to Sale Pork” Pin and gave it to my dad for Christmas! It was awesome! He wears it with pride!

  2. Wow! I’m lovin’ the drama! I think if you’re man enough to post a slamming comment, be man enough to put your name on it. WIMP!

    There have been several things in the news lately about political cartoons concerning Obama being out of line and racist. I think all political cartoons are sort of out of line. Isn’t that the point? What about the 8 years of tacky cartoons drawn about Bush. Those are ok because he’s not black? That sound racist to me! It goes both ways folks!

  3. Dear commenters –

    I have to wonder why it’s still ok to bash certain groups but not others. If it goes back to persecution that the group endured (or endures), Mormons have been there too (and in many places still are). I’m talking persecution in general here.

    I don’t think it has as much to do with persecution as it does with political voice. Mormons are a relatively small and misunderstood group.

    Here’s a little sociology lesson. Mormons are the example here but it applies to any group you decide to arbitrarily hate: When a person says something crappy and they happen to be Mormon, even if it wasn’t meant the way it sounded, it must have something to do with being Mormon. After you’ve met three or four Mormons who have said crappy things, then it must be that all Mormons say such things.

    Once you’ve decided there’s something wrong with Mormons, you can meet many lovely Mormons who say lovely things, but you will only tend to notice the crappy things (which makes you hate them all the more). This way of thinking is called selective attribution, commenters. Look it up. It’s the means by which we re-enforce our bigoted ideas.


    I don’t get the impression that you’re trying to say something hateful (though some people may think otherwise).

    The impression I get is that you are annoyed that in an attempt toward being PC, they are trying to erase a bit of history — ugly though it may be. Pretending an attitude never existed is an invitation for it to rear it’s ugly head.

    I agree that it shouldn’t have been tampered with. Maybe the maid cartoons should be with-held and saved for a history class. For that matter, all classic Tom and Jerry would be good fodder for a history class. You could do an entire semester on depictions of racism, drunkenness, violence, etc. Tom and Jerry has become almost a satire of the 1940’s and ’50’s.

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