The One Where I’m Too Lazy To Think Of A Coordinating Post Title

Well, my S can die happy now. ” HSM 3: Senior Year” finally arrived in it’s little red envelope in our mailbox across the street, one house over.  He was convinced he’d be getting it for a Valentine’s gift from us as he got the first one last year for the same holiday.  Sorry charlie, I’ve got to pay Juan & Co. for his fabulous landscaping and Dave for his rockstar pool man skillz so you can enjoy our pool this summer.  I got no money to be buying DVDs!  You’re lucky I spent the $1.83 to upgrade the netflix account to 3 at-a-time unlimited for the rest of the month so you could have it in your hot little hands today.

In other news, my dog is completely psychotic, but in a cute and fun kind of way.  Not first first thing, but first thing in the morning after we’re all up, it’s like somebody put a smashed up NoDoz with a Red Bull chaser in her water she runs around the house so fast!  Talk about having a firecracker under your butt… jeez!  She has another one of these bursts of energy at bedtime, too.  I’m not being sarcastic, I really really do love her when she gets that way!  It is the funniest damn thing, next to watching her “bury” her bones in the blanket basket.

Speaking of Juan… I almost feel like things are going entirely too well and good for me.  Except I’m trying not to think like that.  So now I’m going to start spouting off how fabulous my life is, feel free to turn the other way if you think you might get too jealous.

Buying this house has been the awesomest thing, EVER, to happen to me.  You know, besides all the other awesome stuff in my life.  Because we bought a house last year (specifically last year), we got a GI-NOR-MOUS tax return.  Freaking huge.  Ten large, baby!  We put half of it on a credit card, paid off a student loan and a teeny, tiny balance on my Kohl’s card, and spent a small fortune acquiring my pound puppy.  The rest is getting spent on making beautiful things happen in the landscaping department and clearing up the science experiment that has been growing in my pool.  And a bookshelf.  And a trip to Border’s.  And a date with the boys and our friends at Go Bananas.

Oh crap, I’m late for family scriptures.  Laters!


4 thoughts on “The One Where I’m Too Lazy To Think Of A Coordinating Post Title

  1. Sally!
    I now want a dog…just. like. yours. My hero will not let me, though (dang!).
    I haven’t done my taxes yet… I’m slow. But you are inspiring me (in a sing song voice)! I’m really happy to hear that your house is coming together good for you and your family! Congratulations!

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