Sing Me To Sleep

Once again it is entirely too late for me to be up, but here I sit nonetheless.  When we lived at the apartment, I would sometimes listen to my “Go to Sleep” playlist on my iPod.  Sometime in the night I would be conscious just enough to yank out the ear buds and huck it all across the bedroom while simultaneously flipping over my pillow to the colder side, turning myself over and burrowing under the covers.  Now that we have Chelsea, the essential “cross-room hucking” part of that sleep remedy makes the whole thing impossible since she eats anything that is completely inedible that may be left upon the floor.

On the one hand it’s a great motivator to keep everything clean and off the ground.  On the other hand… I may have more sleepless nights than ever before.

As I was just now lamenting the loss of one of my favorite ways to fall asleep, it occured to me that I could perhaps velcro the iPod to the headboard.  I could still huck the ear buds, but they wouldn’t go far enough for her to think they were her new plaything.  I think I hear Michael calling me now…

“Let me go ho-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ome….”


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