You Ain’t Seen Funny Until…

…you see my wicked awesome dog!

This dog has gone from recluse to total nut job in just a matter of days.  I’m pretty sure that’s proof that she’s come to the right home!

When we first brought her here, she just laid down and watched everything.  I had to drag her outside to get her to go on a walk, and she didn’t stop to smell every other blade of grass like most dogs.  She also didn’t bark, even though several of the neighborhood dogs regularly hold choir practice at 10:30 p.m. nightly.  I’m not complaining about it, I’m just sayin’, what dog doesn’t bark????

She also had no interest in any of the toys or treats we bought her.  That’s just not right!


Well, fast-forward a week and you’d think we’d gotten rid of the dog we bought last Saturday and got a new and improved one.  This dog runs around the house with a piece of chicken-flavored rawhide in her teeth, desperately searching for somewhere to bury it.  Inside, outside, inside, outside, inside – all the while whimpering with anxiety about not knowing where to hide the rawhide piece!  Eventually she gave up and got her water bottle stuffed cow.  The inventor of this toy is a freaking genius:

It’s a nice, soft little cow dog toy, with a plastic water bottle inside.  Chelsea plays with it as if her life depended on her speeding around the house, sliding into walls, and crunching the little bugger to death!


4 thoughts on “You Ain’t Seen Funny Until…

  1. She sounds great! I wish we could buy Simpson fun toys like that. The problem is he just eats them. I don’t mean he tears them apart, I mean he CONSUMES them. Then I have to worry about bowel obstructions and stuff. He also eats water bottles, so he really would want to get through that cute cow to the bottle.

    Have fun with your doggie! Sounds like she was just adjusting to her new people and house and now she’s back to normal.

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