I Have No Camera…

…and other random musings of my brain on a rainy Sunday evening

– I will post a picture of Chelsea at the end of this post, but it’s the one I lifted off the Humane Society’s website because I don’t have a camera anymore.

– I really wanted a Chiuaua because their shedding is not so visual.  My dog sheds like a stripper in a “gentleman’s club”.

– The child that did not want the dog the most because he is terrified of them, loves her the best.

– My dog had to be forced to go on a walk with me this afternoon.  I started dragging her but then felt guilty and bribed her with a treat instead.  She also does not like any of the toys we got her (all three of them) but loves my kids mini stuffed animals.

– You can have too much chocolate.

– My Honey told me I needed to get a dog.  He knows how hard it’s been going for me for the past few months and the whole idea was his.  He didn’t even make me wait until our tax return comes in at the end of this week.  She’s worth every penny since she already made me want to go to church today even though I started thinking of excuses not to last night.

– Even though I really think it’s a bad idea to do homework on Sundays, I wrote my essay anyway and it turned out great.

– I love the quote from Nacho Libre where Esqualito tells Nacho how he hates orphans.  Also the one from Napoleon Dynamite where Kip and Napoleon mention cage fighting.

– S told me today how he feels sad and like crying a lot, but he doesn’t know why.  Damn, I did give birth to myself as a boy.

– I have felt a lot better since I stopped watching Law & Order: SVU

– As much as I love my new dog, there will be no dog on the couches.  This dog hair thing is going to give me an aneurysm or be the death of me.  Maybe both.

– If you ever feel blase about voting, watch “Iron Jawed Angels”.  You will never feel that way again.  It’s about Women’s Sufferage in America.  Very weird with the modern music, but that’s HBO for ya.

– I’m going to say that I have to stop writing because I need to go to bed now, but it’s only 8:38 p.m. and even if it were later I’d still be lying.



5 thoughts on “I Have No Camera…

  1. As far as Law and Order goes…I did the same thing. There was one episode that hit me so hard that I turned it off and haven’t watched it since. It helped! Love your dog. Sorry about the hair thing though. Thats ok- you have a Dyson! That will make a difference! I love your random thoughts. Oh, and if you ever feel bad about your kids, call me. I can tell you about the 45 minute phone conversation that I had with the primary president about my son. I am not exactly walking on air because of it. Hang in there chica! You have lots of love coming in your direction.

  2. I gave up Oprah for the same reason and I feel so much better about it! I never did watch Law & Order… Your dog is such a cutie! I’d love to have a little dog, but my husband is anti animal. It would be easier talking him into another baby…but that isn’t going to happen!!! By the way, I love love the Good Mail idea on facebook! It rocks! I hope your dog learns to enjoy her new toys! Love ya, Kate

  3. Oh your dog is so cute! Petting my dog always calms me and makes me happy. He also is not invited on the couch but sneaks sometimes. I love my Dyson! I have also been known to vacuum my dog (don’t call PETA) but not with the new Dyson becaues it sucks up his skin too. I have to use the old vacume for him. Perfect!

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