Blogger’s Block

Not that anybody’s life revolves around this blog (ok, I know it does but I’m trying to be modest), but I have just had a complete lack of desire to write lately.  I’m going through a lot with my whole mental illness stuff and there’s just not much to say when I feel like this.

The worst thing is, I don’t feel sad, I just feel bad.  And I don’t know how to describe it, it just feels bleh.  And not happy or sunny, which is really how I’d rather be feeling.  I know we need this moisture with all the raining that’s been going on, but I’ve never wished it was March already more than I do now.  I need some of those rays to get me outside and perky!


7 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. First of all, my life DOES revolve around your blog. You are my key to sanity and laughter. I understand what you are saying though. That is how I have been for the past month! I am finally starting to snap out of it.

    Let me tell you this, you are such an awesome person! You have made my life so much more enjoyable! You have to understand that this is not only true for me but TONS of other people. I just can’t image how you are doing it all: raising 3 boys, going to school, moving into a house, learning to maintain a pool (kinda jealous about that one though!) I hope that you cheer up soon. Know that I love you and that I think that you are one wickedly awesome woman!

  2. Okay maybe we need a girl’s trip to the Caribbean or Hawaii because I too have been insanely monotone and sick of living within my own head. Sun would be a good remedy! And I am going to send you some good mail this week. What do you most desire? Candy? Stationary? Sanity? 😉 Wish we could send it to each other via US postal service! You are awesome!

  3. Sally,
    I’ve been feeling the same way…kinda yuck. I read somewhere that a light box helps…maybe we should try it. I wish I could make you smile!

  4. I feel ya sister. I too have thought about a light box. The only thing that helps me so far has been exercise. I didn’t believe it, my whole life people kept telling me it would help and when I finally tried it 2 years ago I was surprised. I am not as good as I should be but I definately FEEL different on the days I do it. I have to keep reminding myself I don’t do it to loose weight (because so far I have not) but just to feel good. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Hope you feel better soon and that the sun comes back!

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