Sweet, Sweet Service

Last month I got my jury duty summons in the mail.  It’s weird because they send them out like, WEEKS before you’re supposed to call.  I was wondering why until it just occured to me that they have to give people enough time to come up with a way to get out of it clear it with their work.

Anywho, I was supposed to serve the week of January 20th.  I called the previous Friday and it said to call back the next Tuesday because Monday was MLK day.  No prob, bob!  Except…

That was the Friday from Hell.  I’m actually surprised I remembered to call that day given how wretched that day was.  I didn’t even give the summons another thought until yesterday when an old school chum had on his facebook status he was glad his jury duty was over.


That’s right.  Two weeks later, the light in the attic goes on and says, “Hey dummy, they’re gonna cart you off to jail!!

I called the courthouse immediately and the phone just rang and rang and rang and rang and rang… I even let it ring for 2 minutes in a row!  NADA.  I called this morning and they picked up on the first ring.

Good news, no jail time.  I have a “have to appear” date of next Wednesday.

In closing (see how I’m practicing for writing my essay for Eng 1A?), I would just like to say that I have been summoned for jury duty before.  I have always wanted to serve since lord knows I watch enough Law & Order!  Sadly, I have always had babies at home that needed me more than my country did.  I got called to serve once when Honey was on-track so I called and asked if I could just postpone it a few weeks when he would be off, but the lady was PMSing big time and wouldn’t hear of it.  She just lumped me in the group of derelicts of duty and said they’d ask next year.


5 thoughts on “Sweet, Sweet Service

  1. I never have been able to do jury duty just like you for the same reasons. I so want to, I want to be on a jury too. I got asked to be on a grand jury but I had too many kids at home and they would not let me do it. Oh well I am sure that when I am retired I will get to be on any jury I want.

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