Diarrhea Of The Fingers

Ooohh, doesn’t that sound pleasant?  You can blame it on the movie I just watched, “Eagle Eye”.  Non-stop crashing and banging and explosions and now my heart is racing so hard (still, even though it was over 31 minutes ago!) my chest hurts and my brain won’t shut up so I decided to come here and see what came out because who knows, maybe you might get a laugh from it?

Ok, first thing before I forget (because you know I will except I am writing about it right this minute so technically I haven’t), what the frick is up with the “skip” button not working on DVDs???  I mean, I thought one of the big bonuses of DVD vs. VHS was you could just skip right over all those pesky little FBI warnings, lame-o previews & commercials, and whatever other unpleasantness lies between you and your entertainment???  A)  NOBODY READS THE FBI WARNING which leads to B)  Since nobody reads it, it does NOT need to be up there for like, two minutes!

Next up is church.

I love church.  I really, really do.  Why is it that it is never convenient for me?  I mean, I know that being a nutjob means what’s convenient now could change in 30 seconds, but jeez… Have they no concern for my mental health??

Moving on…

If the county is trying to save money, how about re-closing the library on Sundays instead of taking two freaking weeks off over Christmas vacation and another two over New Year’s instead?

Why is it if I have a Coke with my breakfast, it does nothing to perk me up during the day but everything to keep me from going to sleep before 2:00 a.m.?

Since they let me take my Starbucks into the movie theater, does this mean I don’t have to hide my pizza any more?  What about some Subway??

Oops, sorry, I got sidetracked looking up free birthday tickets at Disneyland and short hair cuts.  I know you didn’t see it, but there was a 23.5 minute break in between Subway and Oops.

Well, thanks for the read ladies.  I think I’ve calmed down enough to go to bed now.  Pleasant dreams!!!

7 thoughts on “Diarrhea Of The Fingers

  1. So, our county is going to get hit with budget cuts, we just don’t know how much. And they are building 3 new libraries!! WTF? We have a ton of libraries, and it’s not a NEED. I’m thinking Meals on Wheels is a need for a lot of people, as is substance abuse treatment. But lets cut those programs and build new libraries instead. Rant over.

  2. What is up with the Honest Question guy? He just doesn’t understand us!
    Anywho, did you pass the “Kid parents sizing you up” test?
    It’s all I keep thinking about!

  3. Why yes, I do know my blog is public. Is there something wrong? I re-read my post. I didn’t cuss this time. Maybe you’re talking about my Starbucks? You do know they serve things other than coffee, right? And you know, I have had two really, really bad depression episodes in the last week so the crack about church and the time slot was just that, a crack. 99% of the people who read this know what I mean and the other 1%, well, I can’t please everybody! p.s. I am not in a pissy mood when writing this. I just wish that people who don’t like what I say would just change the channel. Maybe you know me and care about me, and I appreciate that. But you don’t know how fine the crack in this ledge is that I’m standing on that represents how I feel so bad it’s all I can do to not hurt myself and actually hurting myself.

    There. I actually said it live and in color. I am terrified that I am not getting better, I am actually getting worse, and I am one day going to feel so bad that even though I don’t actually want to die, I will do it anyway because I can’t stand feeling like this any more.

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