I Need A Handbasket…

…to complete the trip to Hell in.  I sent my kids to school without lunch today, knowing the lunch lady would just let them have hot lunch.  I just didn’t feel like making it.  I’d invite you along for the trip, but there’s a special circle of Hell reserved for mothers just like me and frankly, you lack the qualifications.

p.s.  Instead of the COLA raise we’re supposed to get next school year (July)?  We’re getting a 5% pay cut.  I know I should be grateful that Honey has a job that he’d have to chester or beat a kid to get fired from (which was hard to type without laughing because you all know how Peter Priesthood my hubby is), but I’m still bitter.

The bright side of it is, we’re back to qualifying for low-income stuff like reduced price lunches and electricity rates!


6 thoughts on “I Need A Handbasket…

  1. Thanks for making me laugh SOOOOO hard! Just so you know I braved San Joaquin like fog in my tinkerbell jammie pants and red shoes at 11 PM for a DQ shake and grilled cheese sandwich. Knew you’s appreciate that effort.

  2. That sucks.
    We lost uniform allowances, and “performance pay” and will not be getting the parity raise that was signed into law that says our agency is supposed to be in the top5 in the state. Nonetheless, we’re still grateful for the job.

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