I Thought That Meant…

Ok, there is something that has been eating away at me for several months now and I’ve finally reached the point where if I don’t get confirmation on it I may spontaneously combust!

So here it is:

You know that song “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz?  Cute little song, very laid-back and happy, makes me think of that Iz guy with the “Over the Rainbow” ukelele.  Well, there’s this line in it that goes:  And it’s our god forsaken right to be love, love, love, love, lo-ovvvvved…”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong (but I’m not), but doesn’t the term “god forsaken” usually mean “completely abandoned, even by the one who created all and loves all”????   Or “so freaking far away from civilization you could bury a body here and it would never be found”???

Just checkin’.


5 thoughts on “I Thought That Meant…

  1. I’m too busy turning the channel at this point to notice. This is my Might Be a Mormon If coworker’s favorite song. When it comes on the radio, he has to turn it up and sing along. The song has been out for like a year. I am embarrassed for him.

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