Is ______ Weird?

Is it weird to read the blogs of old friends and acquaintances (and periodically comment) even if they don’t read yours?

Is it weird to be “friends” with your parents on Facebook?

Is it weird when your friends are friends with your siblings?

Is it weird when you have more children’s literature in your personal library than “adult” books?

Is putting sliced sweet pickles on your peanut butter sandwich weird?

Is it weird to steal pens from people/businesses/church binders (because they are the perfect pen!) if you replace them with one of your own?

Is collecting something you don’t use weird?

Is planning your old age funeral and your young age funeral (just in case, you never know!) weird?

Is sniffing different brands of Windex when you shop weird if the scent is really important to you when cleaning?

Is it weird to pry off a corner of each chocolate from the unidentifiable ones in the See’s box so you can tell if you want to eat it or not?

Is having the phone number for Costco pizza programmed into your cell phone weird?

Are you worried yet, or are you alarmed at how similar we are?


5 thoughts on “Is ______ Weird?

  1. no, but making it so damn difficult to comment on YOUR blog is weird! lol
    oh, and being friends with your parents on facebook, not exactly weird, but a little restricting. I also do not add teenagers that I have once been a leader of…just in case I say something not very impressive, or rather, REALLY IMPRESSIVE from time to time.

  2. I’m totally with you on a lot of these. Especially the Windex thing. I have this bottle of antibacterial Windex. I finally just threw it out because the scent makes me gag.

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