How Much Do You Make At It?

I had the most incredibly sad pity party for myself last night!  It was beyond pathetic.  I was feeling frustrated because instead of going to my ARP meeting like I should have, I went to JoAnn’s (because of course shopping makes you feel much better than gospel-based addiction recovery!).  I wanted to pick up some aida cloth so I could make another cross-stitch and pick up some supplies for another project my sister turned me on to (thanks, Em!).  Since I was child-free, I took my sweet time strolling the aisles.  It was beautiful!  Fabric everywhere, me drooling all over it, decorations for my home, yarn, yarn, and oh, yarn… AND, they have a whole line of those vinyl wall decal thingys that I had to inspect!

I came away with a few fat quarters (I collect them), a decal for my hallway, and a super-size sense of inadequacy.

I feel like somewhere inside me is this creative person, dying to get out.  I want to quilt, I want to sew, I want to knit or crochet or something, but what is the point???  I have boys, not girls!  I have no one to make cute clothes for!  And what is the point of making quilts if I have no one to pass them down to?  I’m not talking about the kind you tie with yarn, I’m talking about the pieced quilts they used to have bees for.  The works of art!  I used to dream about having a baby quilt business, but there are a million other women out there doing the same thing.  Some better, some worse (MUCH worse!) and most just as good.

I have a group of girlfriends who are in love with their Cricut machines for either scrapbooking or card-making, both of which I gave up when my MiL started working at a store and making books of my boys (thereby making it unnescessary for me).

I like to cross-stitch, but not to hang in my home, it’s just not my style.  I have a couple of friends who do photography, another one who has a small business making hats, and I want to do something like it but is it worth it?  Do you at least earn enough to pay for your supplies?


I think I thought of it.

Right now.  While I’m sitting here not feeling sorry but feeling frustrated because God has given me these creative juices and no outlet and BAM!  It popped into my head and. I. am. NOT. telling!

Because if I did that would jinx it and someone else would get an idea from it and that is not going to be happening, ladies!  No!

I have to go to bed now in case my awesomeness spills out by osmosis into this post.  Toodles!


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