Is It 8:00 Yet?

Because that’s when the chaos leaves for school.

Want to hear something funny?  I’m listening to these songs from a hundred years ago (i.e. “I can’t live without your love and affection” by Nelson) and thinking to myself, “Hey, how come they don’t make songs like this anymore?” to which I replied to myself, “Dude, they do!”

Because along with that song, I’m listening to the Davids (Cook & Archuletta) and they could totally sing that song.  Ok, Cook would have to sex it up a little bit, but still…

I’m reading a book called “Snoop:  What Your Stuff Says About You”, and while it’s kind of turning into a snoozer, I have learned a little bit about the detrius of our lives and I wonder if someone only had my iTunes library to use, what would they say about me?

3 thoughts on “Is It 8:00 Yet?

  1. I thought that it was a book about Snoop Dogg! And whenever I hear an old school rap song on the radio, I always belt it out and feel so cool. And then I realize I am white. So very, very white.

  2. I think that if I were to be judged by my iTunes library, I would start getting AARP brochures and Depends coupons in the mail.

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