Not Just A Money Pit

They say when you buy a house it becomes your money pit.  You’re always putting something into it, but the money never comes back out!  Well boys and girls, they’re not just talking about money, they mean your time, too!

I thought for sure when we moved right next to the school that I’d have more time.  I’d be able to quilt, to cross-stitch and needlepoint, I’d be able to start canning stuff, life would be bliss!  But, no.  That great killjoy and fun-sucker, responsibility, has crept in and taken over with a vengance.

Now that we’re right next to the school, B & S can come right home after school instead of hanging out at Dad’s until I come to pick them up.  That right there eats a whole 90 minutes of my social schedule up!  And now that I can’t use “I got held up by that train!” as an excuse, they kind of frown upon you being late to pick up the kindergartener.

Don’t these people know I have better things to do like, nap?  And shop?  And laundry???

I swear, the inconsiderateness of some people…


5 thoughts on “Not Just A Money Pit

  1. I know it sucks! I am right there with you! We just moved Kyra to the school a block away. Although it is convenient to drop of at the very last possible second, having her home immediately is starting to drive me nuts. And as far as money pits are concerned…..don’t even get me started. I stopped adding up our money pit tab when we hit $50,000. Now I am just in denial. I feel for you!

  2. I live across the street from Kamille’s Jr. High School. I understand. But the bright side is when they make friends they can sometimes go home with the friends! Push the friends idea, also be prepared to reciprocate to the other mom.

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