Don’t Be Jealous, Just Throw Money

So, the other day the heat went out again.

It was ugly.

I called the HVAC people.  That was ugly, too.  Ugly to the tune of $275!!!  I was whining about it to Shana the Beautiful when she looks at me and says, “You know that’s what Don’s major was, right?” (Don being her hubby).


Don the Rockstar agrees to come over later last night to put the new ignition in, so I head home to find out what model my furnace is so I can get the right part for him.  Except, I don’t even know what I’m looking for.

The sweet niblets at SPAC directed me to what I was looking for and how to remove it so that they could tell me if, in fact, it was broken.

It was.

$49.95 later for one ignition thingy and a roll of plumber’s tape (I do not enjoy a shower head that sprays at me out the threads!) later, and I skeedaddle home and put that ignition thingy in ALL. BY. MYSELF!!!

You may bow at my greatness.

And please, no applause, just throw money.


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