Me, Me, Me!

So, 400 years or so ago my friend Missy tagged me and there are a few strands of blond left that have taken hold on my remaining brain cell and I forgot.

So here you have it!

Sally’s joys:
1. Sharing
2. Shopping
3. Being with grownups
4. A bright and shiny morning
5. Sunset on the beach after a long, hard play day there.

Sally’s fears:
1. Being left alone
2. Cooties
3. Being separated from my family
4. Deep water
5. Being seen nekkid

Surprising Facts about Sally:
1. I went to a gay bar when I was 21and had a great time!
2. I have an amazing sense of direction.  Take me there once, and I’ll find it again!  Unless it’s dark.  That doesn’t count.
3. I secretly wish I could graduate from BYU
4. I am an excellent procrastinator
5. I have to be woken up a certain way or I will be grumpy all the rest of the morning

Sally Tags:
1. Diane
2. Emily
3. Deidra
4. Shana the Beautiful
5. Liz


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