The Real Reason I Need DVR

I just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy.  If you saw it, you don’t even need to read this because you will know what I am talking about before I even say anything else!


The Real Reason I Wake Up Each Day

The Real Reason I Wake Up Each Day

Is why they should put warnings at the beginning of nighttime drama.

Two seasons ago I fell so in love with this character & story line, I freaking had dreams about it.  I actually mourned when he died!  I know, completely pathetic, but still true.

I know it’s a stretch, but follow me on this….

He’s tough and rugged, blue collar and outdoorsy, and a great big knight-in-shining-armor, rescue you from danger, turn your knees into jello with those eyes, teddy bear – and that’s how I imagine my dad was.  (Keep it to yourself, Mom.  I’m happy in my fantasy land!  😉  )  So when Denny Duquette died, it was kind of like losing my dad again, except not.  He loved Izzy and wanted to take care of Izzy the same way I imagine my dad would have taken care of me.

And now, two years later, he’s back from the dead???  THEY WERE KISSING!!  You can’t kiss dead people!!

That is just not right.  Shonda and her writers are messing with me, and I can’t have this kind of freak out before bedtime, which is why I need cable and a DVR so I can watch this stuff after sending the kiddies off to school and have the rest of the day to calm down about it instead of right before I should be going to sleep!

I need to go find some Benadryl, or NyQuil, or something-yl that will make me be sleepy again.


6 thoughts on “The Real Reason I Need DVR

  1. I have to agree with you… I wonder why they never came up with a ‘Mc-Nickname’ for him… probably cause ‘Mc Wanna lick your stomach’ would slightly inappropriate. Is it inappropriate? Or do you think the male cast knew they had a run for their money?

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