End Of A Season

Today is a sad day for me.  It’s the day I had to close my bedroom window because it’s too bloody cold outside and I’m running out of blankets.

Every spring, I live for the day when it’s warm enough to open the window.  I love the fresh air, and I especially love freezing cold pillows to lay my head on at night.  But when the time comes where my sheets are cold, too, and I can’t get warm in 30 seconds or less… it’s time to let the window be closed.

I just have to face the fact that I wasn’t built to live in climates colder than 65′.  These nighttime and morning lows of 40’s (soon to be 30’s and 20’s!!) are killin’ me…


3 thoughts on “End Of A Season

  1. So, I used to think my hubby was weird about the cold pillow thing. But after 10 years of knowing that he likes a cold pillow, it turns out that I was the weird one! There are masses of people out there that want a cold pillow & I had no idea until I got married.

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