He Likes Me! He Really, Really Likes Me!!

I’m talking about Jack.

As in, Mr. The Box.

Some years ago, Jack made this wicked awesome dish called the Chicken Teryiaki Bowl.  It came in a black bowl with a clear lid.  They made the rice on site and topped it with (I’m sure microwaved a pouch of) chicken strips, shredded carrots & broccoli florets, coated in the most amazing teryiaki sauce, EVER.

And then it went away.

And I was sad.

Very, very sad.

So sad I stopped visiting Jack’s Box for awhile.  It was just too depressing.  But then one day, the bowl was back!  Except… something wasn’t quite right.  The bowl was different and now it seemed as though the rice may have been frozen and the whole dealio microwaved on site.  Often the chicken and sauce would be hot, but my rice and some of the broccoli quite cold.  It was then that I broke it off for good.

It’s been five long years since I saw Jack.  I started seeing his brother, Breakfast, recently for a little bit but I still feel betrayed and cheating on him with his brother wasn’t making it any better.  I don’t know if he ever found out, but the other night while I was watching Grey’s Anatomy??? He sent me a message.

A message so big and loud and public that I would be sure to see it and know of his true feelings for me.

Jack has brought the Chicken Teryiaki Bowls back!!!

He felt so bad, that he even brought in steak to make up for the huge hole that was left in my heart while I grieved those long, sixty-seven months.  He doesn’t know this, but bringing steak in wasn’t necessary.

True love waits.  And I did.



6 thoughts on “He Likes Me! He Really, Really Likes Me!!

  1. Man I miss Jack’s tacos! I don’t have a Jack here either…but it’s a good thing because I’m addicted his tacos! I had 35 in one week once! I was really bad! Like I said, it’s a good thing that there isn’t one here…

  2. You are killing me!!! I am laughing so hard! I am so glad that your love affair has been able to come back. That is such wonderful news.

    BTW..howe do you know Ruthann Wimmer?????

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