It’s Eerie How Right They Got It…

I’ve just returned from the birthday screening of High School Musical 3:  Senior Year and let me tell you, It was like they followed me around my senior year at high school with a camera crew!  Everyone at my high school was beautiful, even the people out in the west parking lot.  Nobody smoked or drank.  We all supported each other in our various talents, and I also stood up in the middle of the “big game” and had a duet with my super-hot basketball captain boyfriend while time (and everyone else) stood still, oblivious to our angst.  Then, at our graduation?  WE ALL DANCED AND HUGGED AND NOBODY WAS PREGNANT AND WE ALL WENT ON TO BIG-NAME SCHOOLS, TOO!!!!

I’m telling you, I should look into suing them for not picking a hot enough girl to play me because this is obviously taken straight out of my senior year as an SHS Eagle.


Ok, all kidding aside, we had a really fun time.  Banana and I took our boys (S and A) and two of S’s friends from school (B and M) to the brand new Kerasotes theater (where refills are free on ALL sizes, not just the ginormous ones!).  I never realized just how much like girls boys can be!  They all had to go to the bathroom together, they all laughed and giggled and pretended to be various characters in the show, and then there was a farting* contest on the way home. 

Good times, going to the movies with kids….

*This may have had something to do with them eating THREE FREAKING HUGE bucketfulls of popcorn and sucking down a gallon and a half of Sprite between the four of them.  Maybe just a little bit, though.


4 thoughts on “It’s Eerie How Right They Got It…

  1. HAHAHAHA!! I felt the same way with the first two and now the kids are begging me to take them to the 3rd. I am sure I will give in and take them–I always do!!

    LOVE the farting contest. We have them sometimes 5 times a day!!

  2. You should have consulted with me earlier. My dad filmed it and I could have mentioned to him that the casting director should meet with you personally before going willy nilly on the cast. I think that you have a case Sally.

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