OMG, Is It Summer Yet??? (And Other Cold-Medicated Thoughts From My Head)

Ok, so Autumn arrived here in the Central Valley.  YAY!!  Yippee!!  Rain everywhere, and boy do we need it!!

Can we go back to summer now?  Because with autumn and winter come cold cooties (amongst other things) and this cold has gone on about five days too long for me.

I’m glad you all enjoyed my Frickin’ Awesome Playlist.  I’ve been considering publishing the Show Tunes list, but it’s nothing special.  Basically it’s State Fair + Oklahoma + Singin’ in the Rain + Enchanted = The Show Tunes playlist.  The Frickin’ Awesome Christmas Playlist… now that is something truly special.  Since I have to re-create it, it may take some time.  But never fear, I will put it up here.  It is also ever-evolving and updating so I will make sure to notify you of any changes so that your holidays are not ruined by lacking a certain special tune.

I tried to buy beer liquid yeast yesterday.  I made a mistake and only bought 5 beer bread mixes from Two Sisters Gourmet, so I didn’t exactly want to buy a six-pack.  Plus, I’m a beer liquid yeast snob.  It absotively posilutely cannot come out of a can.  That is so trailer trash!!  And apparently my Safeway does not carry Bud Light (the liquid yeast of choice for my bread) in a six pack, only twelves, so I tried to buy some singles of some really interesting sounding beers liquid yeasts.  But nothin’ doing.  Apparently I have to go to a liquor store or minimart for that kind of sale.  I’m hoping World Market Cost Plus (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days) can take care of my needs.  That way I can get the generic Nutella Cocoa-hazelnut spread of the Gods at the same time.  It’s cheaper than the name brand and I swear on everything (cuisine-related) I hold dear that it’s the same stuff.  I am aware that club soda or some other such crud can be used in place of beer liquid yeast, but my way tastes so yeasty and sweet, why mess with it???  Plus, if it’s good enough for the (forewarned) missionaries, it’s good enough for you.  So 😛

I’ve been washing my hands like I have OCD to avoid the power vomit bug that’s been making the rounds.  I still ended up with a cold for all the good it did me.  Everyone seems to be over it today so I Lysol-ed the couch and other surfaces upon which the infested demon spawn children have been lounging around upon over the weekend.

You know how in the movies or on TV when the characters are staying in a no-tell motel you can hear the neighbors going at it?  Last night I found out it doesn’t just happen in the movies.  It’s not quite as amusing as Kristina’s neighbors, but let’s just say I happen to know that these people perhaps bought their mattress set from a homeless guy sleeping on springs covered by a thin piece of cardboard wrapped up in a sheet!

Alllllllllrighty then, that bread is smelling mighty good from here so I’d better get it out of the oven and enjoy my Tuscan Tomato Basil Bisque for dinner.



5 thoughts on “OMG, Is It Summer Yet??? (And Other Cold-Medicated Thoughts From My Head)

  1. Is the can too red-neck?
    Thank Heaven my neighbors are not that close by! Nutella is my lover in a past life…I must never be alone with it…ever!
    Here in Arkie, we had an explosion of color almost overnight! It is so beautiful, and it is slowly getting cooler…which I’m A OK with. I hate colds! Nutella fixes everything, have more…but not alone.

  2. Hopefully your cold won’t last as long as the thing I caught has lasted (going on 12 days now). It must be a California thing because I came down with it on the last day of our vacation there!

  3. Mmmmmm….bread. And homemade. Can I come and eat at your house? (0; I have had a blasted cold for a month now. I can’t seem to shake it. Maybe it’s time to see a Dr., thena again maybe not. I am getting a flu shot on Friday so that should suffice!

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