Things I Especially Love That Will Be Even More Fun In MY NEW HOUSE!!!

Let me just put a P.S. up front for the family before I get started….

Ok, any family members who are reading this, please spread the news to our extended family that we bought a house because when the computer died, all my email addys did too and they unfortunately could not be resurrected.

And now we return to the goodness and light that is my blog!

So, we’re out of money until payday (Friday) and therefore there will be no grocery shopping today.  I would be upset about this except…. I am home alllllll morning, alllllll by myself, and I can rock out to Ok Go and David Cook at a much louder volume than I could if the munchkins were home.  Plus, it’s late enough in the morning that the neighbors are gone to school and/or work so I’m not bothering anyone!  This delicious factoid caused the little hamster to start running his wheel to crank my remaining brain cell and I thought to myself, “Hey!  That would make a good list!”

So here it is…. Things I especially love that will be even more fun in my new house:

  • Rocking along to my Frickin’ Awesome playlist as I keep house.
  • Prancing around in my bunderwear as I belt out songs from my Fantastic Classic Show Tunes playlist.
  • Sashaying & booty shakin’ to my All Things Christmas (The Rockin’ Version) playlist.
  • Gardening – Because it won’t be temporary and nobody will leave nasty notes on my door telling me I’m in violation of my lease even though I’m not, and also nobody will be able to steal my tomatoes.
  • Decorating for all the holidays – Because now I have somewhere to store my collections!
  • Swimming – Because now I don’t have to protect the public from my blinding whiteness.
  • Quilting – Because now I don’t have to complete it in one sitting, I have my own room to leave it up if I want/need to.
  • Building up a food storage – Because now I have places to store it!
  • Having company – Because now I can send the kids outside to play without a grownup!
  • Having visitors – Because now they don’t have to stay in a hotel!
  • Giving service to the school – Since it’s more convenient because I don’t have to drive across town to do it.
  • Playing the piano – Because now we can have a real one!

Of course this is just a small sampling of things I especially love to do.  It would’ve been longer, but it’s hard to rock and blog at the same time…



7 thoughts on “Things I Especially Love That Will Be Even More Fun In MY NEW HOUSE!!!

  1. I’m so jealous that you get a pool with your new house and I can’t come over and crash in it with you!!!! Maybe someday… We have a house and I understand about your list, most especially rock’n out while cleaning! That is one of my favorite things too! Congratulations!!!

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