Gluteus Sympatheticus

Do you have on a Depends undergarment?  Perhaps a Poise Pad?

I’m only asking because I’m about to tell you that after my therapy group this morning, I drove through the “Drive-Thru Flu Clinic” in the Kaiser Permanente Tracy Medical Offices parking lot.  Yeah, you just drive up, fill out the paper and they stab you in your arm and you’re on your merry way in 10 minutes or less!

Except now my butt is hurting right where the shot would’ve been if they had stuck me there instead.  I’m thinking it’s having sympathy pains much like some (rare) men do when their wives go into labor.

Now aren’t you glad I asked?  Hmm?  (Ok, really the leakage protection is for a certain person who shall remain nameless, Shana the Beautiful, but you never know… there might be others who are driven to incontinence by my fabulousness!)


9 thoughts on “Gluteus Sympatheticus

  1. Hahahaha!! I am laughing SO hard!! But on the other hand I have a bladder defect of a 70 year old woman and I have to have surgery on it in January–so technically I should be wearing Depends but….I don’t!!

  2. Where have you disappeared to my photo tagger ?LOL..I had to remove most everything that pointed to me from our class and groups, long story.

  3. Dude, I was going to spare any big butt jokes but now you have gone below the belt! I will comment later when I have a really good comeback!

  4. I only need Depends when I jump on the trampoline or sneeze reallllly hard. My husband thinks I’m a mutant. Don’t you wish husbands could have just one baby, one time?

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