Dappled Sidewalks And Other Signs Autumn Is Here

I’ve been meaning to write for some time now about how suddenly autumn came to me here in the Central Valley.  One day it was 90′ and BAM!  68′!  Simply miraculous.  I always say that summer is my favorite time of year, but really, it’s the one I’m currently experiencing or the next one coming up.  The world that God created for our habitation and enjoyment continues to amaze my mind and delight my soul.

All year I have looked forward to our annual trip to Apple Hill.  The leaves turning golden and fiery red are a sight for sore eyes.  Seeing the sun peek through the holes left by fallen leaves in the tree canopy leaving splotches of sunlight to be found on the sidewalk, and the crispness of the air tells me it’s time to open my celebratory package of warm and comfy socks and break out the electric kettle for some tea and cider.

Now my thoughts are turning to Thanksgiving.  I know, I know, Halloween is inbetween there, but my home is boxed up and ready to move.  The only sign of spooks we have is the abundance of Halloween candy hiding in Honey’s cabinets at work so we won’t eat it before the big night!  This year, B is dressing as Harry Potter, S will be Troy Bolton from his favorite movie “High School Musical”, and D was all too ready to reprise his Captain Jack Sparrow role from last year but instead has consented to wear the vintage leather cowboy costume passed down to us from Honey’s trick-or-treating days by Grandma J since it will be the last time he fits in it.

The November issues of my many magazine subscriptions will arrive over the next few days, and I plan and plan and plan the perfect Thanksgiving holiday for next year.  Because next year, I will be in my new home.  My permanent home.  The one that doesn’t have a number after the name of the street.  The one where the rent doesn’t rise and the services decrease every year.  The one where my children and their friends will grow like my garden, tall and bountiful.  The one I will decorate with real furniture and real artwork instead of the things we’ve been carting around since Honey’s college days.  The one my family will come to visit me at now that they can sleep on beds instead of floors, couches, and air mattresses.

“Home is where the heart is and warmth and love abound.  Home is where warm circling arms go all the way around.” LDS Children’s Songbook #192

Grab a book and an apple.  Curl up on the couch in front of a fire.

Dress warmly and sit in the rocker on your porch.

Make s’mores over your backyard firepit or chiminea.

It’s Autumn time.


3 thoughts on “Dappled Sidewalks And Other Signs Autumn Is Here

  1. What’s going on with the permanent home hunting?

    Those sounds like such cute costumes.

    It was snowing here last week, and today it was in the 70s. Gotta love the Utah weather.

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