I’m A Junkie

My sister just came back from Disneyland.

I need a fix real, real bad….

Quick, somebody give me a Merry Berry Churro, a frozen banana, a Mickey pretzel (with a side of mustard, thank you), and a Mint Julep and my husband to stop making Prop 8 phone calls so I can listen to these:  The Sounds of Disneyland and Main Street U.S.A. Sounds


4 thoughts on “I’m A Junkie

  1. I LOVE DISNEYLAND!! We went in April and I am already ready to go back!! I LOVE FROZEN BANANA’S!! Also–I LOVE the TIki Hut where you can ger fresh pineapple and now they have pineapple soft serve ice cream–YUMMY!!

  2. Haven’t been since ’85, when i was a little hellion.
    Hoping to take the little monkey next spring or so, now that he understand whats going on. A frozen banana? hmmm, thats sounds kinda….. sinful!!
    I need to try one of those bad boys!!! ha ha ha

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