Google Tag

This is freaking awesome!  Here’s what you do:  Image Google your answer for each topic and pick the picture you like best from the first three pages.  I had a lot of fun, but it was really hard to pick something I liked for some of the topics, and I actually left a couple off (A pet’s name and your best friend’s nickname – I have too freaking many!) because it was so hard!  So now I tag…. Darci, Shana, Ana, Emily, Katie and my Mom.  GO!

  1. Your First Name:
  2. Sally
  3. Your Middle Name:
  4. Ann
  5. Your Last Name:
  6. Take A Guess
  7. Your Bad Habit:
  8. What are you doing right now?
  9. Unwinding
  10. Your Grandma’s Name:
  11. Elvina
  12. Your First Job:
  13. Park Police @ McDonald’s Playplayce
  14. Your Age:
  15. Check that Roman Numeral
  16. Where You Grew Up:
  17. Sandy
  18. A Past Crush or Love:
  19. Could not freaking believe I found a picture of this person!
  20. One of my favorite places to be:
  21. At Home
  22. If I went back to school I would become:
  23. A Wood Block Artist
  24. A Place I Would Love To Visit:
  25. Santorini
  26. A Favorite Color:
  27. Butter Yellow
  28. A Favorite Food:
  29. Apricots!

8 thoughts on “Google Tag

  1. Well, you didn’t tag me *sniff* but I probably wouldn’t have done it anyway. Googling my first name gets you a lot of sexy images of a very famous person. Sorting through that to get to anything good isn’t fun.

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