Back In Black

Yes, I’m back.  The computer is at home.  Still having the “where the heck is my stuff???” issue and no sound, but that’s just because I’ve been too busy to have computer man come back over and fix it.

In other news, I have discovered the meaning of life.  It is this:

Nougat of the Gods!

Nougat of the Gods!

Yes, it is as simple as a wad of nougat chock full of peanuts!  Aren’t you glad you have me to share the Good News Nougat?


7 thoughts on “Back In Black

  1. I completely forgot about the existence of these. They were my favorite candy bar years ago – because they last so much longer than other ones! Thanks for the reminder. These days I’m into French candy, but I could go for one of those!

  2. I loved those candy bars as a kid. I haven’t tried one for years. I wonder if I’d still like them or if I grew out of them about the same time I started craving dark chocolate…. I may need to experiment.

    Glad your computer is back!

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