Good and Bad Luck Charms

Every year our family takes a trip to a place called Apple Hill.  It’s the site of a local grower’s association, appropriately named Apple Hill, since 95% of the members are apple orchards.  There are also a few wineries, christmas tree farms, and a spa thrown in for good measure.  Traditionally we make our journey on opening weekend (a.k.a. Labor Day Weekend) but this year I had other plans.  (Time Out For Women, anyone???)

One year, we invited a former student of Honey’s to come along with us.  We had become friendly with the family and they were not as fortunate as we to take trips like this so we thought she would enjoy the adventure.

That year, our transmission went out on us.

It was a Saturday.  EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED.  Thank God a certain Aamco transmission shop owner took pity on us!  He arranged for us to be towed to his closed shop and found a motel for us to stay at for the night.  Lucky us, my cousin Carolyn lived in the same town and she brought us extra food and entertainment in the form of a deck of cards and some People magazines.  It was the worst night in history.

The next day we rented a car and drove home.  Our normally $50 weekend ended up costing us just over $3,000.

This year, we invited my bff, Shana the Beautiful, and her family to join us.

Jacob Jacob Pumpkin Eater

The weekend was fantastic.  We met up at DI in Sacramento to do some school shopping and then forwarded on to Apple Hill.  The kids liked exploring everything at Abel’s Apple Acres and then we stopped at a picnic area across from Larsen’s Apple Farm.  They have this grassy hill set up with a couple of picnic tables and a man-made waterfall & stream.  They also have a historic, 180 year old apple tree.  This is where we took the family picture:

Band of Brothers

Don’t they all look like brothers?

Before we left, B asked me if we could take his friend M.  Remembering our experience last time we took someone else’s kid with us, my answer was “HECK NO!!”  Taking other people’s kids is a bad luck charm!

But taking another family with us, is not.

Our day with the Miller family was one of the best times we’ve ever had at Apple Hill.  I hope they’ll come with us again, next year!  (Maybe this time they’ll stick around for the river trip after?)


6 thoughts on “Good and Bad Luck Charms

  1. We used to go to, oh, hell, I can’t remember the name of the place, every year to pick apples and pears with the Peebles. It’s down near San Diego. Anyway, it was an annual event that always took place on Conference weekend. Your dad, who wasn’t a member at the time, would always let me listen to conference as we traveled to and from. It was a hoot!

  2. Thanks for the post! I have to download our pictures from the camera still! Love the post….It makes up the bad thing that happened yesterday.

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