“Hi, And Thank You For Calling…”

So, if you thought the last post had TMI, you’re in for a treat with this one:

I had a cold a couple of weeks ago.

It’s over now.

Over last week, actually.  Except I think I have allergies now because I still have a stuffy nose at night and I seem to be itchy a lot.

My nose has been running a lot and yesterday in Honey’s classroom I sniffed forcefully (because there wasn’t any tissue to blow), and had this nasty sensation go down the back of my mouth with a really yukky taste.

(Odd, I didn’t know boogers even had a taste!)

So I’m thinking to myself, “EWW!!! How do I get rid of this?!?!”

Then, the morning comes… now my face is kind of burning inside, and the nasty taste is still there.  I suck down a Sudafed thinking I can blow it all out today and be done with it.


Now, it burns even more and I feel a little achy!

(209) 555-1212 and many voice prompts later…  “Hi, and thank you for calling Kaiser Permanente.  This is Sally, how can I help you today?”

No freaking way! This is Sally!”

blah blah blah… “I rarely get another Sally on the line, but Sally A, too!  What’s your middle name?”


“I’m Sally Ann, too!”

“OMG!  It’s my doppleganger!!!”

blah blah blah, number for the Dr. to call you back on a phone treatment, blah blah blah “Is it with or without an “e” on the end?”


“Me, too!  Well you have a good day, Sally, and I hope you feel better soon!”

How crazy is that?!?!


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