I’m Not Trying To Be This Dumb…

…but I can’t seem to help it!!

I swear, my Algebra instructor must think I’m the biggest moron that ever walked the Earth.  I listen in class, I take notes, I get the example problems right, but when she gives us our two homework problems for the day that are due next class (instead of the assignment that’s due every three weeks) it’s like my brain cell decides to go out for coffee.  I do all of the problem right, except for this one part.  Like, I leave off the negative sign for a number, which can really make graphing lines a bit of a problem!  Or I multiply by the correct number to eliminate the fraction, but not on the other side of the equation.

To make matters worse, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up so I don’t know how much math I’m going to need to take.  I just want to get it all done while it’s fresh, so I’ll probably be taking the intermediate class next semester (much to the instructor’s chagrin).  Whatever I decide to be better not need more math than that, because that’s where I draw the line!


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