How Many Years Ago?!?

20 years ago…
1. I got my first pair of glasses.  Boy did I think I was the shizzle!
2. I changed schools from Albion Middle School in Sandy, Utah to Churchill Jr. High in SLC, Utah.  It was life-altering for me, because if I hadn’t have done that I wouldn’t be who I am and have the amazing friends I do today!
3. I stopped biting my nails because I was positive that boys liked girls that had nice nails.

10 years ago…
1. I celebrated my first wedding anniversary by going to Disneyland for the last time without children.
2. I was growing a baby in my belly.  It was scary and cool and I was tired all.  the.  time!!!
3. I discovered that I’m allergic to work.  It really put a cramp on my social life!

5 years ago…
1. I was in a car accident that sent me into labor with our last child, D.
2. We got our first taste of having a foreign exchange student by hosting a young boy from Japan for 4 weeks.  It was great!
3. We were lamenting the fact that we would probably never be able to buy a home here and were looking at moving to Bakersfield, CA.
3 years ago…

1. Ana Banana and her gang moved to Merced just to be close to us!  Ok, not really, but it Idid feel extremely grateful to have one of my oldest and dearest friends sisters living close to me!  It was then that we started going to the beach semi-regularly and also discovered tidepooling.

2. I had my first (of many!) major-motion meltdowns that started me on the roller coaster of mental healthcare.
3. I met one of my current BFFs, Shana the Beautiful!

1 year ago…
1. I took my first JC class (Great Religions of the Western World) and enjoyed it!

2. I started to reconnect with old friends and familiar faces on Facebook.
3. I finally caught up on all my root canals and could start getting the crowns for them!

This year so far…
1. We have made offers on five different houses and been rejected on four of them (so far!).
2. We made it a priority to include family recreation in our budget so that our memories of this time in our lives didn’t consist of hating each other’s guts and bugging the crap out of each other every weekend and vacation.
3. I went back to school, again!

1. We went to church and were –> <– this close to being on time!
2. I fell asleep watching “Africans in America”, which was not boring but I was that tired.
3. Got lots of good information at our Parenting class.

1. After dropping everyone off at school and stopping at the store to get some stuff for tonight’s FHE I remembered B had a dr. appt. this morning and had to turn right around and pick him back up.
2. I have a boatload of reading to do for my history class.
3. I have an awesome FHE lesson prepared from a book called “Before They Turn Twelve” that is full of lessons on teaching our children to live the principles taught in “For the Strength of Youth“.

1. I’m hoping to find out the answer in the book is wrong because no matter how I try, even plugging in the variable the book gives, I just cannot get this problem solved!
2. I’m hoping to finish that “Africans in America” dealio.
3. I’m going to take the time to charge all of our rechargable batteries.

Next year…
1. All my kids will be in school full-time.
2. I can work on more of the projects I want to try out.
3. I’ll be planting a garden in my new house!

I tag…
1. Ana
2. All of my bloggity friends (and stalkers!)
3. Emily, my sista!


6 thoughts on “How Many Years Ago?!?

  1. We had foreign exchange students all while I was growing up, mostly from Japan.

    Did you try umiboshi? Yeah, disgusting.

    And we didn’t quite make it to church yesterday. Headaches suck.

  2. You are awesome. I love learning more about you. I am so glad to hear that you are late for church too. Not glad exactly but relieved that someone else is too. I am sorry that you suffer from such a dreadful allergy.

  3. Love your new background too!

    And I just looked for a picture of the Chocolate Lasagna on OG’s website, and it’s not there anymore!!!!

    I searched for a picture, and found one.

    Here’s the funny thing. I found that picture from a rant someone posted online, about being horrified that it was taken off the menu, and how they even wrote to corporate!

  4. Woo Hoo! You did the longer than ever but fun tag…you’ll hhave to send me your address and the best tidbits from your parenting class!

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