Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!

Whilst selling my soul to the devil this evening shopping for school clothes this evening at my not-so-local Voldemart, I somehow wandered over into the grocery section and found this:

Hannah Montana string cheese and yogurt????

And so begins another chapter in the book of “That’s Just Not Right“.

(You might want to click on each of those words, just in case they all provide their own glorious window into the annals of “TJNR”)

9 thoughts on “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!

  1. What is the whole Hannah Montana appeal? I don’t get it? Then again, I don’t have girls, so I’ve never seen a whole episode. She just doesn’t seem that talented. Is it me? I am, however, a fan of High School Muscial. My husband can’t stand any of the Disney “pre fab” shows.

  2. Maybe she really wants to help young women get enough calcium?

    Girl, I found excellent deals on jeans at JCP online. Just a tip to help you get out of the WM.

  3. My daughter who is 5 and has never even heard her sing wanted a Hannah Montana t-ahirt and I steered her way clear of it for fear of the future of a teen star. We will stick with strawberry shortcake and the Fraggles at our house. Marketing, nice tool of the dark side if you ask me!

  4. I am Hannahed out. We were not lucky (stupid) enough to pay $200 for her concert tickets so we were thrilled (mortified) when our neighbor bought us all tickets to the Hannah Montana 3D movie. What a (horrible) girls night out. It is sad when your 3 year old son can sing ALL of the words to “Best of Both Worlds.” Totally get this one.

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