In My Dreams…

…I sew vintage quilts that hang out on a line in the sunshine before they wrap you up at night.

…I make Sunshine In A Jar strawberry jam, can spaghetti sauce, salsa, chunky applesauce and peaches & freeze green beans for my pantry and to put in Good Neighbor baskets.

…I collect things I know my friends would like and send them packages in the mail out of the blue.

…I bake zucchini bread and pumpkin cookies for my kids to snack on after school.

…I make fantastic old fashioned layer cakes for birthdays and just because.

…I put on fantastic brunches for my girlfriends while our kids are slaving away at school.

…I read books and fall asleep on my outdoor bed under the shade of a tree.

…I bake muffins and scramble eggs for breakfast.

…I do my visiting teaching with flair.

…I take long walks on tree-lined streets with my family in the evening.

…I have friends over for dinner weekly and play lawn or board games until the wee hours.

…I sleep with my head in the clouds and wake up with the birds.


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