Fresh In My Sleepy Head

Holy crap I am tired.  It’s 1:03 a.m. and we just got home from the. best. day. EVER.  The morning was spent in a rush-rush shut up so I can get this done and we can leave kind of fog.  Oh yeah, I forgot to say we were going to the beach today.

We were going to the beach today with my super twin bro. and Ana Banana’s family.  I was positive the beach would be covered with people like white on rice because it’s Labor Day Weekend, so I vowed we were going to get up and go first thing in the morning.

Oops… I mean, first thing after we get up and scream bloody murder at the kids to stop picking on each other while we do the family budget so we can see which kid we have to sell for gas money how much we can spend today, and then pack up the stuff we can’t live without for six hours at the beach, and get gas, and stop by Honey’s work to get the camera.  I had told Banana I wanted to leave at 8:00, but that we’d probably leave at 9:00.

We left at 10:53.

It was lucky people seemed to have forgotten the holiday weekend because there was plenty of parking.  And even though the beach was full of people, it wasn’t crowded.  The marine layer had still not burned off by 1:00, which was kind of worrisome, but it was nice to have a few hours in the clouds and it didn’t seem to faze the boys who ran straight for the water and didn’t get out until we dragged them to leave around 6:30 p.m.

When it was decided that my adopted adopted daughter (figure that one out, ha!) and other small people needed to get home and get some sleep, we packed it all up and headed for…

San Jose!  Because a day is not complete unless you stop at the great-grandparents where your cousins from Lehi are visiting!  Especially if you are covered in sand and stickiness and they have spent a long day sightseeing in San Francisco.  Doesn’t everyone invite themselves over to hang out with tired and hungry kids at 9:00 p.m.?  Because that’s what time it was by the time we got all the crap packed up to the car and drove thru the Santa Cruz mountains (where there are NO drive-thrus, btw) and all over heaven and back trying to find someplace to score some dinner!  There’s a Weinerschnitzel and a KFC practically right off our exit to Grandma’s, but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?  No drive-thru???

There’s no way to capture how fabulous everything else was about our day, so I leave you with this photo as evidence of our day together, and Krista, the best cousin EVER, gave us a tray of home-made cinnamon rolls to take home and bake for our breakfast later this morning.


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