Why I Never Talk About It In Mixed Company

The elections are drawing nearer every day, and I’m very nervous.  Will you respect me if I vote my conscience and it’s different than what yours says?  I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do, and you are going to do the same.  I’d expect nothing less!

I’m ok with that, but are you?

Some of my friends and family members are very vocal about their political choices, but I remain silent.  I think we all want the same thing (or pretty much, anyway) but we sometimes, a lot of times, have very different ideas about how to get these things done.

And I don’t like to talk about it because I’m afraid we won’t walk away from it and still be friends.

People say they will be, but then they also say things like “As long as what you do/how you vote doesn’t affect my way of life we’re cool.”  But don’t they realize that in their political choices and activities (assuming that they are the opposite of yours), they’re doing the exact thing they’ve asked you not to?  How is that fair?  How can we ask that of each other?

I think a word that has gotten lost in the fray is compromise.  Give and take.  In the world, not of the world.  You can’t have everything you want and I can’t have everything I want, so we’ll both get a little and (hopefully) be satisfied.  With the realization that we can’t have everything we want, I hope we will each get enough of what we need and let go of the rest.

So this election season, I wish you enough.


6 thoughts on “Why I Never Talk About It In Mixed Company

  1. Here’s the thing. I will talk about politics with people, but only if I know it won’t get ugly, or someone won’t get hurt. Politics really is an innately sticky subject.

    Adam and I are different political parties, and we just don’t talk politics. It doesn’t affect or define our relationship, and as long as we agree on things that truly matter, it works.

  2. Are you maybe wishing I would shut up about Obama already? I’m sorry. I am just soooooooooo excited this week!!! See you tomorrow, and I will try to leave the election out of it!

  3. I am not smart enough to argue politics. I just like who I like. I don’t really care who other people vote for…that’s what makes America, America! Let the battles begin! It will be interesting to see what the next few weeks bring! Lots of excitement and drama, I’ll bet!

  4. I have so much respect for what you have written here! I too share the need to remain silent for the fear that I will lose friends over my political opinions. And I am the last person who needs to debate over it with others who are a little more emotional about it. It is exciting to see historical changes taking place in our nation, but why debate over it? Thank you for putting to words my feels too!

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