Happiness Tag

Ok, here’s that second tag.  I know you all love reading these, I know I certainly do!  But whenever I tag someone… it doesn’t necessarily get done.  So I am not tagging anyone any more, because nobody plays well.  But here are my answers to 10 things that make me feel happy, or smiley, or like I’ve got the butterflies (and hubby and kids don’t count):

1.  Music.  I have a playlist called “I’m Smiling” because that’s exactly what happens whenever I hear one of these songs!  Here it is for you:

  1. Everything – Michael Buble (am I the only one who wants to say “bloo-blay” every time I try to say his name???) – Because love and life are crazy, but a in a good way.
  2. Danny’s Song – Loggins & Messina – It reminds me of childhood.
  3. You’re the One That I Want – from “Grease” (Olivia Newton John & John Travolta)
  4. Super Trouper – ABBA
  5. Singing at the Party – Jack Black as “Nacho” – Because Ramses rhymes with pansies.
  6. Ready to Fly – Richard Marx – Because I am a whole person.
  7. Who Says You Can’t Go Home – Bon Jovi – Because I love small towns and old towns.
  8. Good Morning Life – Dean Martin – You know, this song should wake everyone up, every day.  Nobody can have a bad day after hearing this!
  9. Put Your Records On – Corine Bailey Rae – Because everyone has a favorite song.
  10. Lost Highway – Bon Jovi – Because who doesn’t daydream about taking a road trip in a convertible with their best friend?
  11. Me & Julio Down By the Schoolyard – Simon & Garfunkel – I must have a thing for guitars!
  12. Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers – Because I am that sexy.
  13. Better Together – Jack Johnson – Because it’s true, no matter who you sing this song about.

2.  A freshly made bed.  My freshly made bed.  Nothing brings me greater joy than crisp, clean sheets and broken-in pillows!  I don’t like “luxury” sheets.  I’m good with 180-200 count percale.  Especially if it’s been in the linen closet for awhile.

3.  Books.  I sure love to read books.  I love to plan to read books, too.  I have an extensive list.  There’s like, 150+ books on it.  One of my favorite things to do in the universe is go to Borders with a notepad, and write down all the titles that look good.

4.  The mail.  I used to sit on the steps inside my house, waiting for the mail man to come.  Now that I think about it, I didn’t get much mail.  But I LIVED for getting the mail.  Still do.  If ever there’s a holiday that interrupts the mail service, I have to down a few xanax every time I think about it.

5.  Planning stuff.  I’m a total planning freak.  Planning stuff for the home I am still trying to buy, planning vacations, day trips, grocery lists, parties, dinner, whatevah!  I love to plan it!  Implementing, not so much.  But the planning… I get high from office supplies!

6.  New markers.  You know how they all come in different colors now?  Those Sharpies and now Bics?  I need to get a new set of each.  I don’t really have a use for them.  But I NEED them.  There’s just something about shopping at Office Max that makes my heart skip a beat!

7.  Making care packages.  Ok, I don’t really do this one very much, but I would if I could!  I love to buy stuff for my nieces & nephews!  It’s just so much fun to put together a little something that they’re not expecting!  Or a girlfriend or a sister is also fun to send something to, too.

8.  Watching the sun rise.  Or set.  It’s incomprehensible, the beauty that God has created here.  I have no words to describe what I see, but my heart feels it and is overwhelmed.

9.  Friends.  Oh my good, wonderful, dear friends.  My friends are like my sisters (and brother ;-D ).  We’re so similar, and yet so diverse.  My friends are another thing I don’t have words for.  Or maybe, it’s more like the Eskimos have like a zillion words for “love” (or something like that).  I have too many words for my friends.

10. Magazines.  Maybe that’s the reason I love to get the mail.  Magazines are not better than chocolate!  Except even though they might not add to your waist line, they could add to your credit cards.  You know, because what if you see something cute for your house or your kids?  What if they have some awesome tip for you and you need some stuff to carry it out?  It’s ok.  I still love them.

Ok.  I’m done now.  Please tag yourself and let me know, because I’m all about the happiness.


3 thoughts on “Happiness Tag

  1. I’m a tag party pooper. I never do them. Even the email ones I get I just delete. But I do actually enjoy reading them.

    And I NEVER make my bed, unless we have company, and when we wash the sheets, but even then, I usually just throw them on there. I’m sort of lazy.

  2. I love books too, but it has been quite a while since I went to the book store to do my list! You’ll have to suggest some for me!

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