Heeeeeeeeeere’s Satan!

True story, no lie, this picture was on the COVER of the September issue of Scouting magazine:

All I can say is, I hope the Cub Scouts have some good shrinks on staff.  Seriously!  Whose bright idea was it to use a photo from “The Shining”???  The accompanying article is actually pretty good.  It talks about where teachers go wrong with getting boys to love reading.  Fourth grade is a critical time in literature for boys, and it seems that boys like different books than girls.

Really?  Somebody actually had to write an article about that?  It’s not just common knowledge like “the sun rises and sets because Sallygirl rises and sleeps” ?

Ok, I’m sick and have no more coherent thoughts.  But when I find out things like this that you need to know, I share it a.s.a.p. because I know that my readers like different reading materials than Scouting Magazine and would never have otherwise known.


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