What. The. Hell.

The smell of eggs cooking in the morning makes me puke (sorry Honey, now you know the real reason I never eat your eggs!).  Which is a problem because I really love eggs.  Once in awhile when I am too stressed to eat breakfast without causing myself an upset stomach, or in just too big of a hurry doing everything else that I forget to eat, I’ll stop by Jack-in-the-Box for a Breakfast Jack (A breakfast Jack is a hamburger bun, fried egg, slice of ham, slice of cheese, voila!).  If the bun were 1/2 thinner on each side and you took off the cheese, this could be the best breakfast in the universe!  However, I digress.  The real reason for today’s post is this:

Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen, can I get a “WHAT. THE. HELL????”  FRIED Macaroni and cheese?  Ok, first of all, it’s not even real cheese!  I don’t care what that label says, IT’s NOT!!  It might have 1% real cheese in it just like that Guacamole Dip has less than 2% avocado!  Secondly, this is causing all kinds of nightmares, and I’m not even asleep!  I may need lots of therapy over this.  Just looking at this photo can cause heart attacks!

I think I now know the meaning of ‘distraught’.


6 thoughts on “What. The. Hell.

  1. Are these the ones from Sonic? Sonic sells this, as well as The Cheesecake Factory. I know my fried foods. I’m OK with anything being fried. So, I will give you a “What the Hell”, and raise you a “What the *&$%!”

  2. Sally, you’re on my list! You actually commented right when I was in the middle of updating it. I went through my Reader, and then looked at my list, and I was missing a ton of people, whose blogs I’ve been reading for some time now. I feel bad, actually.

    My friends tell me they don’t even read my blog roll anymore, it’s too big, but I’m all about the shout outs for people I love to read!

    And your “What You Already Know” about shaving made me laugh. I’m so happy when I can wear pants all the time. Morticia doesn’t appreciate it too much. 😉

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