Say What?

I met with a new shrink today.  She told me I’m not bipolar.


I guess that’s good.  And by visiting with her, I can see just how un-helpful my past doctors have been.  It seems as though being crazy is a full-time job, though.  I have individual counseling sessions, something called a Cog-T class (weekly), psych appts. to work on the meds, and family therapy.  Add that to my already busy schedule of weekly addiction recovery meetings, school, and volunteering at Honey’s classroom and I’m discovering I may not have enough time for that job at Borders like I was hoping to!

In other news….

That house we have an offer on might not be “the one”.  We’re considering another house we visited this week.  It has more room and a fantastic patio.  Also, a pool!  We might not be able to get that up and running right away, but the startup costs are cheaper than the putting-a-pool-in-in-the-first-place ones!


4 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. That’s good news, right? I hope this doctor can help you figure it out. It must really stink to have the unknown on a constant basis. House included. We really are praying for you. Best of luck.

  2. Yeah, but have you ever had the cops called on you because of your “craziness”? Ask me about my day yesterday. If I had your phone number, I’d totally call and tell you all about it. It started out with me screaming like a crazy person, came around to two cops at my door, refusing to let me leave, and ended up with my Bishop thinking I’m more of a nut job that he previously thought. Oooo….good times.

  3. First off, I think that psychs are great and EVERYONE should visit them. Hope that it all works out with this one. As for the house, I am sure that you are going crazy finding one but, wait for the right one. Don’t be hasty or you will regret it later on when you CAN”T change certain things that you hate.

    Good luck with the pool. Invite us over. We are only a mere 12 hours away. We could be there in no time.

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