I started school today.  Went to my Algebra class this morning.  Had the most intense case of deja-vu EVER.  Which usually indicates I’m having a panic attack, but instead of being freaked out (ok, right after a minor freakout) I started thinking to myself, “SWEET!  I already know all of this stuff she’s talking about!”

Never fear, I will freak out on the exams.  But as far as the course material and homework go… I’m set.  I could probably do 2/3 of the homework for the semester in a matter of days.  (She gave us a list of all the problems and assignments with their due dates from now until Finals).


6 thoughts on “Easy-Peasy!

  1. Oh man Algebra class would trigger all of the “I can’t remember my locker combination” “there’s a final and I’m not ready” dreams! Where are you going? Good luck!

  2. Way to go with the schooling thing. I am excited for you. I still have a reoccuring dream that I have my last math final of the semester and I haven’t gone to class all semester and don’t know anything. That probably stems from when I really did that in college.

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