Lies And Other Fairy Tales I’ve Read

So, one of the things I did yesterday while D was at school was read the newspaper.  This in and of itself is nothing earth-shattering.  You probably don’t know because I’ve never talked about it here, but I’m a bit of a stargazer.  I mostly suck at it, but I just looooove to watch the night sky.  Right there, on the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper yesterday is a headline that says: “Stargazers, get your telescopes ready for tonight’s celestial light show.”  To which I would like to say, BULLOCKS!

“After midnight, look up in the northeast for the annual Perseid meteor shower, consistently one of the most spectacular celestial shows of the year.”

I told Honey that if we were up that late, which we likely would be despite the fact that I really am trying to go to bed by 10:35 p.m., we should go outside and watch.

So we did.

For 45 minutes.

I saw three shooting stars and he saw bupkus.

And now that I’ve gone back and re-read the article for the purposes of comlaining about it, I have another thing to add to the list.  Remember the headline?  About bringing out your telescopes?  “For the best view, don’t bother to set up a telescope — a meteor shower is best observed with your naked eye under a dark sky, blah blah blah MORE LIES!!”

And p.s. the shooting stars I saw?  NOT IN THE NORTHEAST, EITHER.


4 thoughts on “Lies And Other Fairy Tales I’ve Read

  1. Yeah…I have tried going out when they said it was going to be a “show in the night’s sky”. I’ve never seen anything spectacular.

    The best star gazing I ever did was YEARS ago on a family trip to Lake Powell. Lying on top of the houseboat, it seemed like we could reach up and touch the stars! Then all the bats came out and I took cover, for fear that they would poop on me.

  2. I heard the same BS on the television. I was awake all night, so I could have taken a look, but I was so damn tired, I couldn’t get my butt out of the bed. So, I just took another oxy, lay there and imagined shooting stars in my head. Same thing.

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