Sunshine On My Shoulders

Last night, Honey set up some camp chairs outside so we could watch the sun set together.  It was so quiet, so peaceful… even D knocking on his bedroom window begging for a drink couldn’t ruin the evening.  Tonight was much the same, except we were at the Raingutter Regatta for Cub Scouts.  Once again, I forgot the camera.  I swear, I need to have one implanted!  It was so nice, though.  The boys all played well, and we had rootbeer floats for refreshments.

It’s been just the right amount of hot, and you can tell that fall is coming because it is getting dark sooner than it has been.  We’ve had a nice delta breeze to keep the heat stroke at bay, and the kids must sense change because not only are they going to bed “on time”, they’re not putting up a fight when we get them up in the morning.

Speaking of fall… I finally made the jump off the fence and bought a ticket to Time Out for Women in Sacramento.  It’s September 6th, which is the weekend we’d normally be trekking up to Apple Hill.  But Kenneth Cope is performing, and he’s so good…. Honey and I saw him in concert back before we had any crumb snatchers kiddos to worry about.  Since this interrupts our tradition of going to Apple Hill on the first weekend of September, we decided to further break tradition by inviting Shana the Beautiful’s family to go with us.

So what does any of that have to do with my title today?  It just sums up how complete I feel when I’m not engulfed in my illness.  I have the big picture hanging front and center and I am filled to the brim with serenity when I see me how my Father in Heaven sees me.

Good night, friends 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sunshine On My Shoulders

  1. I used to sing that song to you in the car when your daddy drove us up to the cabin. You were the only one of our children born, as yet. I haven’t thought of that song (Sunshine on my Shoulders) for years. Sigh.

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