Ow! (And Other Happenings This Week)

My ear hurts.  You know that thing doctors tell you when you have a baby about not putting anything larger than your elbow in your ear?  I didn’t listen.  My ear was scratchy so I scratched it with my pinkie, but now it feels all swollen and hurting!  Rude, huh?

It’s Wednesday.  Never in history has anybody looked forward to this particular Hump Day than have the mothers of the M*****a Unified School District!  It’s like Mother’s Day all over again.  Even the checkers at the grocery store were rooting for me today.  Now that’s a community that cares!

I’m feeling much better than I was over the weekend.  Thank you to everyone who had words of comfort and support for me during the episode.  I’ve been worried that I might have to change the dose (not bad at all) of my medication, or find a new one altogether (sheer hell).  I think that the kids going back to school will make a huge difference and my worries will come to nothing.

Ooooh… I started reading my textbook for the history class I’m taking last night.  Can we just say “easier than high school”???  I mean, seriously… my 9 year old could read this book with no problems.  Not that I’m complaining, noooo…. I’m just really really glad I’ll be able to do well in it.  I’m afraid to get low grades.  Even an A- might bother me.  I mean, I do currently have a 4.0 GPA, why ruin it?

Honey started back at work today.  We had to get up and ready like we normally would during the school year.  Amazingly enough, we all made it on time.  Heck, I even got up before he did!  Someone should make note of this day as it will likely never happen again.

Last, but not least, my tomatoes have basically bit the dust.  It doesn’t matter what I do to them, they just are withering and browning away.  Both of the ginormous heirloom tomato plants put forth 2 fruits each, the Sweet 100’s has given me a whopping TWO little things, and the San Manzita (or something like that) ones never even got blossoms.  Gardening without a home is so depressing!


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