Ok, those Beatles swiped a lot of my favorite expressions…

It’s Sunday.  Thankfully, the monsters kids haven’t made it to the TV yet to put on a “Sunday movie”.  (What, pray tell, is a Sunday Movie?  It’s the same freaking Living Scriptures video week after week after week.)  I need to hustle and get some sabbath music going, except…

I HATE “church” music!  I mean, I do love me some Kenneth Cope, but it only goes so far before my ears start to hurt!  I downloaded all the hymns I know and love from the Church’s website, but even that seems to grate on my nerves after awhile.  Same goes for classical tunes, too.

So, whadda ya got for me?  I just need something beautiful to listen to that I don’t have to think too much about.


4 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I could make you a mix tape! If it were 20 years ago!

    OK, here is who I like: Cherie Call. I knew her in college! She wrote me a song! It was about how clumsy I was. Sad but true. Also, I like Gladys Knight’s choir.

    And there is always classical music … you have to find your style but it’s always

  2. There are tapes for the boys called Scriture Scouts and my kids actually like the churche’s DVD on the Book of Mormon for children. We watch a lot of veggie tales and other videos my Max Lucado…try a local Christian bookstore for new stuff. I listen to the KLOVE FM Christian music for new stuff like Natalie Grant. I have liked Paul Cardall’s hymns, Hilary Weeks and good old Micheal McLean. My fav of his is the song “gentle.”

  3. I’ve been collecting the living scriptures videos from Good Will and D.I. They’re ok. My husband hates them….”they’re not scripturally accurate!” Whatever…it beats Sponge Bob on a Sunday morning.

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