Buzz Kill

Saturday Morning Cartoons are the bane of my weekend existence.  Without them, the kids would wake me up before the rooster crows.  With them, a whole portion of the day is ruined.  They don’t get dressed, they don’t eat breakfast, and come 10:00 all I hear is “I’m HUNGRY!!!”  Oh, like you couldn’t get yourself a bowl of cereal before now???  Nobody’s dressed, no chores are done, and now I can’t go anywhere because you have to eat!

Before cartoons were discovered, we had great Saturdays.  We’d go garage sale-ing.  We might even take a spontaneous day trip.  Yes, the chores still went undone, but I vote for togetherness over neatness.  (Notice I say “neatness” instead of “cleanliness”?  Because we’re not dirty, just messsssssy!!!)

Well, no more.  I told Honey this morning I don’t want the TV on on Saturdays anymore.  At least, not first thing in the morning.  We need some quiet.  We need some family-only time.  I need productive kids, not couch potatoes!


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