Run AWAY From “The Border”

So, as the Cool Girls II group was gathering around Shana the Beautiful’s pool last week, Aggie had herself some lunch from Toxic Hell. I invited myself to a bite of her nachos (I know I wasn’t hungry, but those nachos just looked so good!) and they were awesome! Ever since, I’ve been having foodie flashbacks from Summer 1993. The one in which I taught community ed classes and had lunch at “the Border” every day. Two burritos (NO ONIONS!) and a Mtn. Dew.

After my haircut this morning I was going to spend the afternoon at StB’s all by my lonesome since she was gone to the Oakland Zoo and I am privileged enough to have a house key. Today was a day for TAN! That is, until I made the fateful mistake of going to Taco Hell for lunch.

2 1/2 hours of sleeping instead of upchucking later….


I’m afraid to even drink water now. My family has ditched me (instead of the other way around) and they are all off enjoying the local water park while I am trapped here watching historical dramas of Gettysburg all afternoon. Not entirely torturous, to be sure, but not exactly the joy of upping my chances at skin cancer in spite of all the sunblock in the world.

Peace out, people. And stay away from the Border!!!!


4 thoughts on “Run AWAY From “The Border”

  1. Taco Hell used to be your dad’s favorite place for fast food, that is, until Naugles came out. Of course, that’s when their tacos were only .25 each. Funny how more things rise in price, the higher they fall in quality. Better luck next time!

  2. Although I don’t eat there and I don’t know why, I do like their food. However, here back in good ole SLC, they are trying a new kind of Fast Food ban. They are trying to get a law passed that only new healthy fast food places can be established. Interesting huh. Atleast that is what I understand from the 30 mintute segment that I heard on the radio.

  3. I am so sorry! Yuck! I actually love taco bell but I gauge my fast food choices by the obvious lack of hygeine by their workers…scary round here. Scary….

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