I was cruising around iTunes just now and had a 911 EMERGENCY!!! thought.

What happens when I get a new computer and all my stuff is not on it?  Like, how will all my documents and pictures get moved to the new machine?  More importantly (because you know how my priorities are in perfect order), how will I get all my stuff from iTunes to move to there?!?!?!

This is serious business, folks!  I’ve got 1227 items/2.9 days/3.73 GB of music and 216 items/2.5 days/2.32 GB of podcasts I’d like to keep!  Do I put it all on a portable flash drive?  Can I do that with my photos & docs, too?

I can tell there are going to be many sleepless nights and counseling sessions over this.  We need to get our country’s best minds to work on this.  Somebody call MIT, Stanford & UCLA.  Somebody else call all the major media & news outlets, and one other person should contact the Nobel foundation.  There could be a Peace Prize out there just for this situation!  It is also possible that whoever has the answer to my solution will receive cookies in the mail.  (Provided that the solution is REAL and available to a technological bird brain like myself.)

What are you waiting for?!  Go!  Get working!!  Do not waste time doing crap like your laundry, or tending to your children’s needs!



  1. If you have a DVD burner, just burn it all to a couple DVDs. You’ll need something like Nero, Roxio, or CDburnerXP (which is free, and in my opinion works better), and to create a “Data” disc. ’nuff said.

  2. Here is an idea. If you are buying a new computer, you could consider investing in an external hard drive as well. They are relatively inexpensive. I bought a highly rated one with 500 GB for a little over $100. I am constantly backing up our music and pictures. My currenty hard drive is only 80 GB and I have nearly 45 GB in pictures and music. I have loved having a back up drive so that I can access it incase my computer malfunctions. Now I need a need a new computer but I LOVE that I have a constant back up.

  3. There are also spaces on the web that you can upload all of your stuff so that you can access it from any computer. There is generally a fee for this but, it would be worth it so that you don’t have to find it again. I will check and email what I find. Geek Squad (like someone else mentioned) knows TONS of stuff. They can maybe tell you sites where you can back up your stuff on the web for cheap. I hear commercials for it all the time.

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